Saturday, April 22, 2017


Last Thursday I mentioned that our local municipal politicians give every possible advantage and break to Chemtura in regards to the process and procedures surrounding TAG and RAC meetings. Well Thursday night was no exception. Two reports were presented, discussed and debated. The one was Chemtura's Stream Investigation Work Plan and the other was a report actually presented by Dr. Neil Thompson of the University of Waterloo. His presentation regarding a new, updated and professional Conceptual Site Model was excellent.

Firstly the good news. Lisa Schaefer, Woolwich Township Staff, was not present last evening. She was ably replaced by Julie Forth. After the presentation I requested a copy of the Chemtura report from Julie. The next morning (Friday) I sent her a reminder e-mail asking for copies of both reports. Turns out that Julie was away yesterday so she then arranged for another staffer, Adelina, to assist me. Long story short I was sent electronic copies of both reports before the day was out. That is both very good service and frankly what I would hope all citizens would receive in service rendered from our Township staff who work for us. Thank you Julie and Adelina.

Now the bad news. This particular battle has been fought and won fifteen years ago, ten years ago and even five years ago. I'll even go so far as to give some credit to that manipulative, dishonest, back stabbing, former politician Pat McLean. When she was CPAC Chair she set down the law to M.O.E. and Chemtura about supplying their reports and documentation ahead of time to the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) membership. Think about it. In those days Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment showed up at each public advisory committee meeting, unlike today when they show up four times per year to RAC meetings. As usual no sign of those professional liars last Thursday evening at TAG.

If Chemtura wished to introduce a Work Plan or a completed report whether eight pages or 300 pages; it was expected that they would get the report out ahead of time to CPAC members so that they could read it and have some questions ready. Springing thick, technical reports on citizens with literally zero opportunity to inform themselves at least a little bit ahead of time was exactly what Chemtura and the M.O.E. wanted. Afterall they could make their presentations, ask for questions from a bafflegabbed audience, claim they'd participated in public consultation and run for the door.

I have attended UPAC, CPAC, RAC and TAG meetings faithfully for twenty-five years plus. There were times I even had to lose a mornings wages to attend CPAC meetings. Thank you Pat and Susan for that in the early 2000s. Everybody involved knows that I'm the only citizen who both reads all technical documents cover to cover and understands the vast majority of what I'm reading. Susan Bryant would be second but it is a far distanced second to me. No brag just fact. Even the professional liars have been burned enough times over the past quarter century plus to rarely challenge my recollection of facts. Again as much as it hurts to compliment Jeff Merriman of Chemtura, he has often stated at CPAC meetings that he recognizes that my memory and recollection of facts is second to none.

So guess what. I was advised by a TAG member Thursday night that they had not received at least one of the two reports prior to the meeting. Yours truly received exactly zero of them in advance. TAG were asked whether they had any comments or questions on either one. The public gallery of citizens are of course excluded from asking questions courtesy of our current illegitimate mayor, Sandy Shantz. Regardless no one picked up on the usual amateurish mistakes CRA (now GHD) had in the text and in Figure 3. This has to do with various Floodplain Soil Sample locations. I have to date now read Chemtura's Stream Investigation Work Plan. Dr. Thompson's multipage report is next and I'm looking forward to it as I expect to learn a few things from him. Similar to Dr. Richard Jackson, the former TAG Chair, Dr. Thompson is a leader in his field. I was quite impressed favourably with him Thursday evening.

Even with myself, CPAC members and the public disgustingly excluded from asking questions we could still assist TAG if we had the reports ahead of time to study. Oh no we can't offend the thrice convicted polluter hence keep the unwashed masses away from these reports ahead of time. Afterall CPAC have learned that there are many honest members on TAG who with open minds want any heads up that honest citizens can provide them. Again every possible advantage and break is being given to Chemtura and the M.O.E.. Thank you Sandy and Mark Bauman for your continued support of this rogue company and their captured, partner in pollution, the M.O.E..

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