Thursday, April 13, 2017


Woolwich Council just like Cambridge Council are totally out of touch. They just don't get it. Worse than not liking them we simply don't trust them. Hence when they are trying to introduce a new voting system it understandably makes us suspect the worst. It's like a pathological liar not understanding when we finally begin to assume that everything he says is a lie.

Woolwich Council have been repeatedly caught in the act lying, deceiving and abusing the public and the public trust. Now they are sayng trust us this voting system is better, fairer and simpler. Sorry I don't trust you buggers one single inch. You've burned all trust. Go to hell with your new system. My expectation is that yet again you've found a way to game the system.

I'm taking a bit of a mental holiday for the next few days. Sorry but I may skip a few more posts. No biggie it will be a very short holiday.

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