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************Uniroyal Told the Truth in 1989 When They Said There Are Other Sources

Uniroyal, Nutrite (Yara) and Varnicolor Chemical are the proven to date sources of toxic contamination to the Elmira Aquifers. Borg and Sanyo are the unproven ones. Based upon the small evidence available Borg are far more likely to have contributed than Sanyo. Sanyo Canada may simply have the misfortune to be located next to monitoring well CH38 which has had abnormally high NDMA and Chlorobenzene readings for many, many years.

I have over the years posted evidence regarding Borg Textiles and other possible sources of contamination to the Elmira Aquifers. Three examples are my February 7, 2011; June 21, 2012; and January 2, 2014 postings. These postings likely give the reason and incentive for the Ontario M.O.E. to lie and coverup about numerous other sources contaminating our aquifers.

Last night's TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meeting was a revelation. This is why I continue to attend these meetings despite the baggage and disgusting process which includes co-opted citizens and excludes honest, informed citizens unsatisfactory to the co-destroyers of our local drinking water (Chemtura).

Dr. Neil Thompson spoke about his development of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) of the Chemtura site and the Elmira Aquifers. He also indicated that the off-site pumping wells were indeed still removing significant quantities of Chlorobenzene but that they were not doing nearly so well with NDMA. Of course there is a lot more Chlorobenzene to work with. The problem is the extremely low Ontario Drinking Water Standard (ODWS) for NDMA of .009 parts per billion.

Dr. Thompson also showed a Table indicating an appropriate match between estimates of NDMA both initially dissolved in the aquifers as well as sorbed onto soil particles as compared to the number of kilograms of extracted (via pumping wells) NDMA currently.

A similar Table for Chlorobenzene is however problematic. 300 kg. of dissolved Chlorobenzene plus 1,000 kg. of sorbed CB does not remotely match 3,300 kg. of extracted Chlorobenzene (CB). Dr. Thompson suggests there are at least two or three possible explanations such as other phases present than dissolved or sorbed. I suggested free phase (as in free phase DNAPL) but he would not speculate. Another option would be inaccurate initial estimates perhaps not for Uniroyal Chemical's contribution but perhaps contributions from other sources.

Dr. Thompson was careful publicly to limit himself to provable facts. Hence publicly he was unwilling to speculate, guess or even offer likely or probable scenarios. That said once again we have a glaring example of the problem with private, by invitation only technical experts meetings. At the last one there was a clear admission by a Chemtura employee that yes there was another corporate source of Chlorobenzene to the Elmira Aquifers and that is why their numbers do not currently add up. This information was shared with me and while no corporate name was identified I am willing to speculate based upon evidence that it is Borg Textiles, formerly located on the south side of Howard Ave. (Varnicolor Chemical on the north side) right by Union St.. See my former postings mentioned in the second paragraph of today's posting.

This latest revelation sheds light on the M.O.E./Uniroyal 1991 Settlement Agreement as well as the Indemnity given to Uniroyal by the Ontario M.O.E. In exchange for Uniroyal accepting 100% of the blame and then getting an Indemnity; the Ontario M.O.E. got off the hook for their gross negligence and incompetence in allowing four or five individual polluters to destroy Elmira's drinking water aquifers. In other words the Indemnity and taxpayer 50% funded off-site cleanup was all about face saving for the Ministry of Environment.

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