Thursday, April 6, 2017


She minces words. She stickhandles. She dissembles incredibly. She deflects direct questions and attempts to change your wording and or meaning in her answers. She is a politician.

Dissemble means to conceal or disguise and or to give a false impression. In layman's terms most of us would think that describes a liar. My admiration for her intellect has risen a few notches. That is if she's composing her own e-mails to me.

Sandy has advised me and Woolwich Council in writing that "None of that shows me that she was involved in developing eDat, only that she knew something about it." This was part of Sandy's response to five witness statements I sent her above and beyond my own. Those witness statements from local, well known citizens of excellent repute absolutely stated that they witnessed Susan Bryant's public admission that she assisted in, worked on, helped develop Conestoga Rovers E:Dat program for use on the Chemtura Canada site here in Elmira. Furthermore Susan's admission at two meetings was provoked by different Conestoga Rovers personnel asking her to acknowledge her input and assistance to their E:Dat (electronic access data tool) program.

WOW! That was a shocker.

So back to Sandy. Note her careful wording namely "None of that shows me..... . Ahh so Sandy is pretending (dissembling) either that she did not read carefully the five witness statements or that she is intellectually incapable of understanding their very clear meaning.

The third option is that Sandy is stating her disbelief that Susan was involved in "developing" E:Dat. Ahh again. Susan's background and professional training is in English literature and grammar. My understanding is that Susan dropped sciences and math before the end of high school. She then obtained a university degree(s?) in English. She literally could not help "develop" the E:Dat program. She could however use her English editing skills to assist in the writing of the text and or possibly other areas. So Sandy is stickhandling around the word "develop" versus "assist" or "worked on".

Sandy has further stated in her e-mail to me (last evening) "I and Council have no interest in pursuing this, and will not respond further on this issue."

Damn right you have no interest in pursuing this. It makes you look like idiots in appointing Susan (& Pat McLean) to TAG in the middle of 2015 after you had full knowledge of this pair's self-serving activities that were not in the interests of Elmira or Woolwich Township. A further clarification that besides in their own interest their activities were also in Chemtura Canada's interests. So Woolwich Council are your interests more aligned with the polluters or with the public's?

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