Saturday, April 29, 2017


Well I've seen worse and more blatantly bad Work Plans from them. This one as mentioned yesterday may turn up data that isn't helpful to their and the M.O.E. interests but rest assured that's been happening for decades with few repercussions to their credibility or pocketbooks.

They will be testing shallow sediments up and downstream of the New Jerusalem Rd.. Downstream is long overdue. Sediment sampling downstream of Northfield Dr. is also long overdue. Have these buggers actually been paying attention to criticism both here and as Delegations to RAC over the last year? Amazing!

They are also collecting one surficial soil sample each from approximately four floodplain areas both up and downstream of Northfield Dr. (Reg. Rd. #22). As their text numbering doesn't match their Figure numbering it's hard to say exactly where. Regardless these samples and more are also long overdue.

We have the Work Plan. Par for the course will be talk all summer followed by actual sampling next year. Winter you know. They've been playing that card forever. Urgency died with both the Settlement Agreement in 1991 followed by the pipeline up from Waterloo a couple of years later.

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