Friday, April 7, 2017


No class and no decency. No regard for others physical suffering caused by Uniroyal Chemical. No regard for the history of this Township and the price its citizens and other lifeforms have paid in order for a local but multinational, multibillion dollar corporation to have cheap toxic waste disposal. Most disgusting it is our own Council whose behavior is so offensive.

One company stands out as the technical spokesperson and aggressive defender of all things Uniroyal and Chemtura. One company have used locally educated (on the public's dime) persons with various degrees including Masters of Science (MSc) and PEng to constantly block the public's knowledge, understanding and ability to influence a better cleanup for the community and the environment. Conestoga Rovers have long been criticized by honest citizen activists for their credentialed opinions which invariably resulted in the least amount of effort and money expended to address Uniroyal/Chemtura's environmental problems.

Now I find out that Woolwich Township's new website was produced by a company named eSolutuions. Guess who owns eSolutions? Conestoga Rovers initially and now the corporate merger between GHD and Conestoga Rovers also encompasses eSolutions. That is contemptible Woolwich Township but absolutely typical of you. Go back to the first paragraph especially Sandy who seems incapable of putting one and one together and coming up with two.

What other inter-relationships does our Township have, behind our backs, with local polluters? Do our Councillors own shares in Chemtura? How about Safety-Kleen over in Breslau? Do any of you receive political donations from developers? What special arrangements/deals/perks do you have on the go that we don't know about? Is it any wonder that Mayor Shantz and Council aren't outraged and disgusted with Susan Bryant's and Pat Mclean's dealings with Conestoga Rovers and the chemical industry?

Honest, knowledgable citizens are appalled that two citizens can benefit directly or indirectly from relationships with yes, bluntly stated, the enemy here in Woolwich Township. We do not have full knowledge of all the benefits they and or our Council have received. These may be legal, illegal, direct, indirect or even as ephemeral as status, awards, publicity and permanent public consultation access guaranteed to them.

There is an immoral, unethical and not in the public interest bond between this Council, Pat, Susan and Chemtura Canada. It is shameful. Woolwich Township I am ashamed of you.

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