Thursday, April 20, 2017


First off I will be taking along my Tables and text from my Delegation to RAC early last month. Those Tables, copies of which were left with RAC members, clearly indicate the M.O.E.'s deception. Almost every fish tested in every location downstream of Chemtura exceeded fish Tissue Residue Guidelines (TRG). Some exceeded tissue guidelines for Dioxins, some for DDT, some for PCBs and some for Mercury. Many exceeded guidelines for three out of four of the tested contaminants, others for "only" one or two contaminants. Some Carp samples actually exceeded the criteria (by a wide margin) for all four contaminants tested. Impressive!

Then we come to the M.O.E.'s deceptive support for Chemtura Canada via minimizing the so called number of "hot spots". Just more and thicker you know what from them. Even fish that do not travel and move around a lot clearly are being contaminated all the way down the Canagagigue Creek all the way to the Grand River. Shiners clearly showed high to highest concentrations at the last sampling point (Jigs Hollow Rd.) just before the Grand River both for Dioxins and PCBs.

I am also interested in Item # 3.4 which is Chemtura's "Stream Investigation Work Plan". As the M.O.E. have studied sediment concentrations (albeit biasedly) as well as Tissue Residues I wonder exactly what Chemtura are planning to do and why.

Item 3.5 is Dr. Neil Thompson's Conceptual Site Model (CSM). Conestoga Rovers have been doing them for years albeit poorly and hard to believe, seemingly to Chemtura Canada's benefit, particularily in ignoring aquifers on the east side of their plant.

Remember folks it's not about a number of honest citizens on TAG tonite trying their hardest. It's all about local politicians abusing their authority and setting up a process, procedure and membership ahead of time, giving every possible advantage and break to Chemtura Canada. Rarely can that be overcome and usually the intent is to simply waste more years in spending and doing little while talking lots. That said I am attending because often vital information does surface. Dr. Jackson as Chair of TAG held incredibly informative meetings. The jury is still out on his replacement although my fingers are still crossed that Ms. Svensson will turn out to also be helpful to local citizens and the environment.

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