Saturday, April 1, 2023


 Last Tuesday Woolwich councillors voted in favour of the proposed truck parking lot on top of the Bolender Landfill at the Committee of the Whole, public meeting. This Tuesday they again have it on the Agenda presumably to ratify the vote. What a bad idea all around. Myself, Dr, Dan Holt and a gentleman by the name of Ed Northcott spoke as Delegates to Council. Immediately after we were done, councillors voted in favour of the proposed truck parking lot. Yes clearly their minds were made up before the meeting. Geez!

I'll be back this Tuesday at 7 pm. with new information to provide councillors. It is clear that non-public behind the scenes lobbying etc. is going on and new councillors especially are feeling pressure from consultants, staff and developers. It really is a shameful way to run a municipality, albeit very common. The misinformation and red herrings about the former landfill are legion. So are the contradictions and inconsistencies between the verbal words spoken by developers and consultants versus what the technical reports actually say.

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