Wednesday, April 26, 2023


 Yesterday's K-W Record had an article by Liz Monteiro titled "Harassment rules should apply to local politicians".  Kudos to regional councillor Colleen James for pushing this matter forward. If I understand things correctly Bill 5 is a provincial initiative and it has been supported by up to 40 municipalities. Apparently municipal councillors who have committed sexual, emotional or psychological misconduct could be removed from office. Hoo boy on the one hand this certainly would be an eye opener for the hopefully rare few municipal councillors/mayors who behave in that manner but at the same time I worry about for example petty "weaponizing" of Codes of Conduct that has occurred at our Waterloo Region District School Board with accusations of misconduct flying in all directions. 

Ms. James claims that nasty behaviour "...keeps happening and people aren't speaking up about them...". If nothing else this Bill 5 would certainly take the glow off the rose that those people in positions of authority somehow are always of superior morals or ethics. They certainly aren't and never have been.

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