Thursday, April 20, 2023


 Sandy again abused her authority and position in a petty fashion at the last TAG meeting. Interestingly she did not do it via her longtime loyalist, Lisa Schaefer. Lisa has moved on to bigger and better things and I was surprisingly impressed with her efforts and results at TAG/RAC over the years. She sincerely worked hard to bring everything together in a professional fashion which reflected very well upon herself. 

So Sandy got cute with the video button as well as by refusing me admittance to the last TAG meeting until after it had started. What a petty little *itch she is. This is despite all pre-registered participants including myself being specifically asked to check into the Zoom meeting fifteen minutes ahead of time in order to do video and audio checks. Indeed I've been doing that literally for years yet last month they didn't open the meeting to me until it had already started. This I do not blame on the new RAC/TAG Support Person. At least not for last month hence the little talk ahead of time so as to make it clear that any repeat will meet with repercussions. Sandy has tasted those in the past and if she wants more than I am still willing to go head to head with perverse, anti-democratic and corrupt systems and personnel.  

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