Tuesday, April 4, 2023


 My optimism remains high that mayor Sandy's biases will be held in check by her fellow councillors. Overall my optimism remains high that her fellow councillors are on the right track. No, they are not perfect anymore than you or I are. Well you anyways (Ha!). That's my feeble, early in the morning attempt at humour. Early that is for a retired old fart. 

The only constraint on me as a Delegate this evening on the same topic as last week is that I present new data or information. That frankly is quite easy as really how much can you get into with all of a seven minute Delegation? The Bolender Park Landfill is a convoluted, confusing mess with a number of serious issues of which methane gas is but one. They however are all tied in together as construction or renovations to the property can affect much more than just the obvious. 

One of those issues may or may not be a potential conflict of interest that mayor Sandy has. She has advised me that she has sought advice from the Integrity Commissioner on the matter and been given the all clear. Unfortunately she also advised that she couldn't remember some of her husband's business dealings from the 1990s regarding the Bolender Landfill. Hmm that's interesting as I did jog her memory on the matter a few years years ago and she advised then that her husband was not the contractor or engineer responsible for the methane gas collection system construction. Hmm maybe a contradiction in there?

Anyhow I and others will be there at 7 pm. and we will see if councillors are sufficiently upset with being misled about the existence of an invisible, fictitious clay cap that the evidence clearly shows was never installed and in fact nobody should have ever expected it to be installed over half a century ago.  

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