Monday, April 3, 2023


 Hmm would it be O.K. to simply call them SO & SO's? It would make me feel better but I suppose the Code of Conduct Police would be all up in arms. I've always wondered why it's O.K. to lie like a dog everywhere but in court, with absolutely zero consequences. I am of course referring to the proposed Bolender Park Landfill. I and others have pushed back and now surprise, surprise the consultants are changing their tune. They have conceded (somewhat) by suggesting that O.K. "It is not a full "clay cap" as the actual amount of clay is low." Their very next sentence states "This has no real significance after 50 years."

Wow! Actually the significance is great. One it means that the landfill does not remotely meet current or even past thirty years standards and secondly and maybe more importantly the consultant has misled both the public and Woolwich Council members. Regarding the statement that "...the actual amount of clay is low." let me say this. It is not low it is tiny to non-existent. THERE IS NO CLAY CAP AND NEVER WAS ONE!!!!!!

There is a cover (or cap if you wish to use the word) consisting of sand and gravel. In either hydrogeology or stratigraphy this is a huge, night and day difference. Only a thick skinned, arrogant well protected individual would refuse to flatly admit that he was either dead wrong or a deceptive, misleading, bought and paid for client driven so & so. 


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