Wednesday, April 12, 2023


 K-W Record March 24, 2016- Prosecutor Fraser Kelly said that it was not in the public interest to pursue the ten privately laid charges and that some of the charges were improperly laid. I dare say that likely Mr. Kelly lied in the one instance ("public interest") and possibly lied in the second instance as well. If he didn't then he and the justice system should be ashamed of themselves for being obtuse, user unfriendly and non-transparent. This is because even privately laid charges have to go through a Justice of the Peace. That process is arduous enough with but one day of the week set aside for public appointments with the J.P. Secondly it is the J.P. who tells the citizen how to navigate the process and hence any errors are those of the J.P. not of the citizen laying the charges. Geez what a scam!

The Record article is titled "Woolwich mayor's charges tossed" and the story was written by Paige Desmond. Regarding the public interest it is always in the public interest to hold politicians accountable especially if they are experienced and if the issue concerning charges was due to multiple infractions as Mayor Shantz's was. Running citizens in circles over many months just to throw out black and white, readily convictable charges based on "not in the public interest" is simply bullsh.t. It is the system protecting itself and it's beneficiaries. The Municipal Elections Act is a provincial statute designed to promote accountability and honesty over election expenses. Passing laws like this and then refusing to enforce the law does nothing but promote contempt of both politicians and our justice system. One law for them and a different law for us. 

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