Tuesday, April 25, 2023


 O.K. at least I'm not a hypocrite about it. I sure as heck don't flaunt any religious beliefs I may have while at the same time throwing stones (figuratively) at mayor Sandy Shantz. On the other hand...   So yes I have continued criticizing her sometimes harshly for her behaviour starting in 2015 when she orchestrated her personal and dishonest attack upon the CPAC Chair and members as well as the sub-committee SWAT which included myself and others. Her attacks were both private and public, verbal and in writing to her shame.

Going on eight years later she abused her authority at the last TAG meeting regarding my timely attendance (and more) and since last Friday I've been attempting to reach the new Support Specialist for RAC and TAG both by phone and e-mail to avoid this occurring again in two days at 6:30 pm. These virtual meetings have concerned me since they were implemented during Covid as I knew it was far too easy for someone with a grudge to abuse their authority by either shutting out or harassing me via control of both Video and Audio at these so called public meetings. I have followed the rules regarding virtual TAG & RAC meetings but that didn't stop misbehaviour at the last TAG meeting towards me. Either that stops or I take further steps that Woolwich politicians or staff will not appreciate. 

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