Thursday, April 27, 2023


Well that decision has been a no brainer for me for the last thirty-one years. Whether named UPAC, CPAC RAC or TAG I've always put Elmira's drinking / groundwater first with the Canagagigue Creek rehabilitation high up there as well. Throw into the mix the need to clean up the worst parts of the former Uniroyal Chemical site and I would always miss the playoffs when they overlapped.

Now today we have a TAG that allegedly is hybrid. In other words some TAG members attend Council Chambers in person and others choose to do so remotely. Woolwich Council meetings are in the same location and they are both in person by councillors and the public post Covid are also back in person although bizarrely, weirdly and quite frankly disgustingly the public now in 2023 must PRE-REGISTER to attend a gd Council meeting. WTF is that all about? Really Sandy are you so paranoid and controlling that you can't, post Covid, return Council meetings to the format that has worked for decades? In other words citizens and taxpayers attend Council meetings as they see fit and when they see fit not when you say so.

At the last TAG meeting, Sandy as she is wont to do, played fast and loose with the rules for virtual attendance with myself, to her shame. This resulted in my not being brought into the meeting until AFTER it had started That combined with the gross failures of allowing the public to attend freely, speak freely (albeit with decorum), and even receive fair and honest membership opportunities versus the polluter (Lanxess) and their best friend (Min. of Environment) having blatant vetoes over certain citizens membership on TAG etc. makes me uncertain.

For the first time in three decades although I have long known how perverted and corrupt the system and process has been, I am hesitating in continuing to try to improve the final environmental outcomes  for Elmira and Woolwich residents. Congratulations to Lanxess, MECP, Mayor, consultants & bureaucrats and all the other self-serving fellow travellors. 

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