Saturday, April 8, 2023


 Nope it was never installed. The excuse given was that there was a falling out between Woolwich Township and the owners of the Bolender Park Landfill site back in 2018 or so. In fact the falling out started before that and included Woolwich Twn. getting sued by the owner of the site at the time over the municipal water line running illegally through his property. That illegality was due to the township never having an easement or any other legal right to the use of the property that their water pipeline is on. Pretty cheeky when you think of it.

So here we are five years later with any and all methane readings as recently as 2021 still showing explosive levels of methane gas in the sub-surface yet no one tells the new Woolwich councillors that the previous council had endorsed a new gas collection system and indeed had budgeted $75,000 towards it. This is relevant particularly when the new owners and their consultants have been selling heavy duty bullsh*t  to the new councillors suggesting that there is no need for further monitoring or gas collection. Weird and hypocritical and self-serving. 

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