Friday, February 3, 2023


How about the following sendoff for Dr. Richard Jackson after his retirement announcement effective January 2017.  This retirement announcement occurred at the end of the September 15, 2016 RAC meeting according to the Minutes. It followed the retirement announcement to TAG just over a week earlier.   

RAC MINUTES of Thursday September 15, 2016 page 10:

"At the end of the meeting, it was announced that Dr. Jackson is retiring after 42 years of practice on December 31st and, as such, he will resign from TAG at the end of this year. He will continue to provide technical advice in future only upon request by the Mayor of the Township and Councillor Bauman through RAC."

Really? The two most biased (pro Chemtura/Lanxess) councillors somehow control Dr. Jackson after his retirement? Do they think that he voluntarily will be mute if asked a technical question by anyone else? Or have they got him contractually obligated somehow? Did he sign a NDA (non Disclosure Agreement) with those a-holes that would legally prevent him from offering any opinion or position on a public water crisis? 

One thing I've always given Woolwich credit for and that's their world class hypocrisy. What is the very first thing those a-holes did after Peter Gray of MTE on behalf of CPAC produced an embarrassing report to Chemtura/Lanxess about the Stroh Drain and property? Why of course they then hired him for some "consulting" work. In other words they didn't want him talking just too much to either the media or the public regarding the Stroh Drain or Chemtura so they tied him up via putting him in a possible conflict of interest position (i.e. Township interests versus public interests?). Of course they used public, tax payer funds to do that. This fellow citizens and suckers is how our so called public servants abuse their authority for self -serving reasons. They work for themselves and their friends not for the public interest despite us paying their damn wages.

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