Thursday, February 23, 2023


 Shutdown as in completion of their sham "cleanup" of Elmira, Ontario. Shutdown probably of alleged public consultation as well as of any "citizen" input whatsoever even including "tame" professionals unwilling to get their hands dirty in the trenches pushing back hard against Lanxess/MECP/GHD junk science and or outright falsehoods. 

It is possible that there could be one more final push by the opposition. Perhaps the polluter biased  Risk Assessment of the Canagagigue Creek is just one perverted step too far. Perhaps older Elmira residents with memories will step up. Certainly RAC and TAG will do no more than wring their hands and meekly ask Lanxess/MECP to throw them a bone. Anything whatsoever no matter how tiny and overall ineffectual just so that they can claim one tiny victory. That will satisfy most (not all) on TAG. It will do little or nothing for the health of the Creek or human residents living along it.

The groundwater "cleanup" has failed. The on-site "cleanup" of DNAPLS has failed. The promised "cleanup" of the downstream five miles of the Canagagigue Creek prior to its' discharge into the Grand River has failed. All hail corporate money, power and influence. All hail bought and paid for local politicians for many decades. 

If and when the call comes will you answer it?

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