Friday, February 17, 2023


 A freight train derailed near East Palestine, Ohio that spilled toxic chemicals into a creek almost two weeks ago. That much seems agreed upon. What were the specific toxic chemicals spilled seems to be one of the obvious and pressing questions.  Hints regarding health issues abound. The waterway (creek) is "...still reeking of chemicals nearly two weeks after the derailment...".  Testing apparently "...shows the air is safe to breathe around East Palestine...". Hmm that seems odd when the creek is still reeking of chemicals that much after the fact. Also there are "...lingering odours from the large plumes of smoke..." So clearly the toxic chemicals caught fire and burned. Also very bad. Thousands of fish were killed and dying pets and wildlife have been found. Finally residents are complaining of headaches, irritated eyes and their cars and lawns are covered with soot. 

So as par for the course their authorities are claiming that everyone is safe. Well maybe not the fish or the dying and dead pets and wildlife. And maybe not the human beings exposed to these admitted toxic chemicals. Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the story titled "Villagers enraged by toxic train spill want answers". Specifically they want truthful answers which will be much harder to come by. 

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