Thursday, February 9, 2023


 Well probably they are only against women who overstep their bounds and become police officers. Or maybe they're only against strong women in policing who stand up for their rights especially "rights" that are enshrined in law. What I find peculiar is their overwhelming confidence as to the ignorance and apathy of Waterloo Region citizens. Sure many of us do not read newspapers nor watch television news or listen to news on the radio. But many of us do. Does the Waterloo Region Police Service (WRPS) brass really think that we continue to swallow their bullsh.t forever? Do they and their lawyers as per today's article by Terry Pender in the Waterloo Region Record think that many/any of us give their words more than zero credibility?

The article is titled "Superior refused to hear officer's sexual harassment complaints, River testifies". If former police officer Angie Rivers was only the first or second female officer with serious behavioural complaints against a number of mostly "superior" male officers then perhaps skepticism would be understandable. But she isn't not by a long shot. Kelly Donovan plus a separate group of female officers have all launched legal action against the WRPS. They have out of necessity launched civil suits and Human Rights Commission complaints. Apparently the WRPS don't care enough about their tarnished image to settle with these former and current officers. They are blithely continuing to spend taxpayers money defending indefensible behaviour. They continue to hide behind intentionally devious, dishonest and lengthy hearings and processes trying to shake off and discourage complaints about their disgusting and sometimes illegal behaviour. Of course our courts, arbitration hearings and Human Rights Commission hearings have no honour in this entire scam either. 

We are advised that the sexual harassment started in 2013 and was followed by attacks upon the officer's job performance in 2015 allegedly as a reprisal for spurning his advances. Eight years later and the stick handling and manipulation continues. We are advised in this newspaper article that further days of arbitration hearings are scheduled for one in May (2023), three for June (2023) and two this fall (2023). "The hearing is expected to continue until 2024." This from behaviour in 2015 and earlier!

Dear God are you kidding me? Is it any wonder the WRPS and other institutions are able to delay complaints until either the complainant dies or moves or quits. The WRPS personally don't spend a dime of their own money nor do they even have to attend all the various hearings. They have their WRPS appointed lawyers to attend and speak for them. Such utter bullsh.t.  Shame on the WRPS and shame on every person and institution aiding and abetting them especially including our Waterloo Regional politicians. Further shame on our Police Services Board for anything they have done to further enable these pigs and their behaviour.

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