Monday, February 27, 2023


 You know it's bad when citizens who have put themselves up for election to even very minor positions are so woefully ignorant of even the most basic rights and duties they have. Not to mention the rights of the citizens whom they are supposed to be looking out for. By the way I am not currently referring to my local Council. Maybe yes in the past but certainly not the new Council elected last October despite citizens here re-electing the Mayor whose biggest attributes are her face and her Mennonite last name. Good God citizens wake up! This is precisely why mandatory voting laws will not help the situation as even more lazy and stupid citizens will turn up and frivolously vote for whatever name they recognize or how the candidates look. 

Today's post is in regards to a private institution who have taken upon themselves such things as Codes of Conduct and Discipline issues. No I'm not referring to our hopeless WRDSB (Waterloo Region & District School Board). I'm referring to a Board of nine people, several with little experience, who decided to find a member of their group in violation of their Code of Conduct. Now do keep in mind how some at the WRDSB  have characterized these Codes of Conduct as being weaponized i.e. used to harass dissident members etc.  

 Whether that is the case here or not is difficult to say. What can be said is that this Board, despite being politely asked in advance for a delay based upon serious health grounds, "investigated" and made a Decision within four days without so much as asking the member any questions or for any clarifications or even their side of the alleged incident. Obviously as well there was zero ability for the alleged accused to confront his accuser. The accused was given the kangaroo court treatment despite decades of complaint free membership in the group. 

This is from a Board of allegedly normal, educated citizens. Wow!  Clearly the majority of them are democratically bereft. i.e. they don't know squat and or they just don't care. So sad but hopefully not in the majority???  Oh and P.S. the Board took two months to advise the accused of their Decision much less of their "investigation". He thought that they had .delayed the process as per his request as no one said otherwise.

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