Wednesday, February 15, 2023


 It's been fun, educational, helpful and cathartic. The fun part is exposing mostly professional liars. Hopefully the educational part has been giving facts and information to those who due to careers, families, part time jobs and other commitments simply do not have a tiny fraction of the time that I have dedicated towards  learning everything possible about the Elmira Water Crisis. This includes the good (minimal), the bad (tons) and the ugly (too many but not all politicians). The helpful has been using Google to do research on-line and learning exactly how much information and data I have amassed here in the Elmira Advocate that otherwise has been barely scratched by others. The cathartic might simply be the ability to vent and condemn the cruel and contemptible behaviour of allegedly respectable people hiding in plain sight who with help from fellow travellors have gamed our judicial and political systems for decades for their personal advantage.

Some day I have little doubt that these postings will be used as a reference tool to hold corporate shills and spokespersons accountable. Now of course that is the optimistic self speaking right now.  Yesterday's Blog posting was the pessimist/realist in me coming out. Our environment is doomed and likely mankind along with it. I wonder for example if the Queen of Mississauga development, Hazel McCallion, will be remembered quite so fondly down the road as the end approaches?

I have not yet thrown in the towel. I had originally planned to retire from environmental activism after my 65th birthday in 2014. Well you can thank two dishonest Woolwich politicians for that not happening. Their manufactured "crisis" in support of both Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment  spurred me on to continue the fight against professional liars and their fellow travellors. It is not yet over.

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