Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 Well I tend to think so anyways. Also despite my opinion not being unanimous regarding the improved Regional Council (see the comment for last Saturday's post) I tend to feel that turnnover in politicians is generally a good thing. If I thought that the majority improved their decisions in the public interest over time I'm sure that I would promote experience, reliability etc. But I don't.

So here goes: Our latest Woolwich Council consists of Kayla Grant, Evan Burgess, Nathan Cadeau, Eric Swindt, Bonnie Bryant and returning mayor Sandy Shantz. I've personally met half of this Council and been impressed. Oops let me qualify that: I've met three of the five most recent councillors and been very impressed. I have high hopes for the other two newcomers not so much for the long term politician. 

Our departing politicians from the last Woolwich Council included Murray Martin, Scott McMillan, Larry Shantz and Patrick Merlihan. Geez if only Sandy had stuck to her original decision not to run (sigh). We certainly have generally been blessed with good turnover over the last few elections. 

Time will tell as it always does. Mistakes will be made, alliances forged and broken on Council. The mayor will likely attempt some strong arm moves on the new councillors and the pushback will be interesting whether it is done in public or private.  Former councillor Merlihan will likely maintain his position via the Woolwich Observer of trimming new hires and ongoing bureaucratic bloat. Citizen pushback on increasing taxes, similar to Wellesley, may visit Woolwich Township. Afterall  it does get tiring paying more taxes for less services and eventually excuses don't cut it.

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