Tuesday, February 7, 2023


 My recollection of this winter is that we had early snow that stayed for a while in November followed by mostly no snow in December until a couple of days before Christmas when storms shut down air travel and more. This was followed by little or no snow through the first three weeks of January (bizarre) followed again by a couple of storms at the end of January followed by two very, very cold days last week now followed by several days of highs between 3 and 6 degrees Centigrade. Yes that's highs as in above freezing still in the first week (barely) of February. 

Traditionally based upon both memory (I'm old) and upon commercial snow ploughers advising me, the two snowiest months of the year are December and January by a large margin. Secondly the traditionally two coldest weeks in the year are the last week of January and the first week of February. What the heck is going on this winter?

I've been reading and hearing about average temperatures rising 1, 2 or 3 degrees C. over the next couple of decades. Geez we've got that in spades already I would think. I expected my children and possible grandchildren to face the consequences of global warming and kind of nonchalantly thought that I'd be long gone before things got seriously bad. Well today's high is supposed to be 6 C. and that means lots of snow melt and if rain accompanies it probably flooding. 

It's not just melting in the Arctic or other isolated areas. Climate change is real and it's here now. We the human race and particularly our "leaders" have not yet begun to make the hard changes necessary. "They" will have to some degree insulated themselves as much as possible ($$$) leaving the rest of us to suffer for their apathy and procrastination. Sometimes the wealthy think that money buys absolute protection from environmental crises and disasters. That is hardly so. They too drink tap water, breathe the air, eat chemically contaminated foods and endure extremes of heat and cold, drought and flood just like the rest of us. Their children and grandchildren also get cancers and other diseases whether environmentally related or not. We are all in for it.

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