Tuesday, February 21, 2023


 This is the proposal to put a load of tractor trailers on top of the former Bolender Landfill. Maybe it's even a dumber idea than having an auto wrecking yard on the property (eg. Paleshi's). My understanding was that wrecked cars brought in have their liquids immediately drained as in gas, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid etc. These tractor trailers will be operating vehicles filled with all those liquids and more on top of a former landfill right beside the Canagagigue Creek. What could possibly go wrong?

Various reports (1991 Environmental Audit, 1992 CH2MHILL) indicate that Uniroyal Chemical dumped their industrial wastes on that site. Which wastes, what volumes and in which locations are moot. The Chair of the Elmira Sanitation Committee was Art Gorman, General Manager of Uniroyal Chemical at the time. He decided what was O.K. and what was allegedly not. Talk about the fox in charge of the henhouse. No conflicts of interest here in Woolwich, right Sandy?

Currently the Canagagigue Creek is the subject of a highly speculative, highly biased Risk Assessment allegedly trying to determine whether environmental and health risks to humans and wildlife are "acceptable" or not. Can we not have it both ways? Can we not falsely (based upon sediment/soil/fish tissue residue sampling) all exceeding criteria, claim that the risks are currently acceptable to all and therefore continue pummeling the Creek with more industrial risks from hundreds or more tractor trailers operating on the site? 

After all this is Elmira, Woolwich Township where risks are only measured by dead bodies; fish, human or whatever. 

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