Tuesday, October 11, 2022


 Hmm my calendar says the meeting is between 6-6:30 pm. I guess I'm either going to be there at 6 pm. or get off my butt and confirm the time. Either way it's at Lions Hall which is on Snyder Ave. on the north side of the Woolwich Arena. Folks this is an important meeting and I expect to learn a lot about all the Ward 1 candidates. Yes I have expressed here my favourite however I still want to hear from all of them. 

My expectation is that there will be a few questions from audience members that are not relevant to a municipal candidate. That is O.K. as maybe some candidates will politely so advise the questioner whereas others simply might not know what their jurisdiction as a municipal councillor is. We need to know the breadth and depth of knowledge of our candidates. 

I expect that a number of indeed local issues will arise such as the long proposed Elmira By-Pass (north-south & vise-versa)). Probably there might be questions about the status of the long proposed and quietly/privately settled Hawkridge Homes subdivision across Union St. from Lanxess and Sulco (CCC). There may be complaints and concerns about the proposed and likely to proceed truck parking lot beside Bolender Park and the splashpad. There may even be complaints about the lip service the Region gives to Elmira residents when the Region's construction impedes, damages and provokes them and their property.

Citizens you need to see, hear and contribute to local democracy and tonite is your chance. 

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