Tuesday, October 18, 2022


 Well frankly I can't say that I am even remotely surprised anymore whereas you, readers, may not have attempted this fruitless exercise before. I attempted to report what I believe is a criminal offence to the Crown Attorney first and then secondly to the Waterloo Regional Police.  I went to the Crown Attorney first due to my lack of confidence in the Regional Police being able or willing to wrap their heads around the suggestion/allegation? that I e-mailed out to our local media and others this morning. That suggestion/allegation was that the man made Stroh Drain was intentionally and knowingly connected to what I've been advised is Martin's Creek which starts on the Stroh property and runs through the Martin property on it's way to the Canagagigue Creek further south. The problem is that the Stroh Drain/Martin's Creek runs beside a man made swimming pond and in fact there is a diversion from the Drain/Creek into the swimming pond. This diversion/pipe & more has been observed by a number of witnesses.

This swimming pond I believe has been used by generations of young Mennonite children probably both family members and neighbours. The problem is grossly compounded in that the 1983 upstream Stroh Drain addition has diverted shallow contaminated groundwater from the former Uniroyal Chemical onto the Stroh property and downstream into the Martin swimming pond as well as into the Canagagigue Creek. It is also, based upon the topographical contours (i.e. ground surface elevation), probable that contaminated surface water has also been  collected by the Stroh Drain and then entered the Martin's swimming pond downstream. Some of the toxic chemicals involved include NDMA, dioxins/furans, DDT, lindane, benzene, chlorophenols and a host of other compounds. 

In my wee, legally uneducated mind, diverting toxic chemicals from one property to another and then into a children (& adults) swimming pond is a criminal act. A criminal act that not only has never been prosecuted but in fact never even been investigated  by any of our authorities. This includes the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP). I say this based upon my personally having brought this allegation/problem to their attention as well as to our local Woolwich Council multiple times since 2014 when I first learned about the presence of the Stroh Drain.

So the Crown Attorneys office this morning refused to accept my allegation/request for investigation. They sent me to the Regional Police (Leslie) who was very polite and courteous and hopelessly unhelpful. Her first suggestion that I contact the Ontario Ministry of Environment was unceremoniously rejected by me with a very brief description as to why. Her second suggestion after she consulted with a colleague(s) was that I contact the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources). That too I rejected. So the moral of the story is that unless you personally assault a fellow human being or intentionally infect them with a fatal disease with witnesses present etc. then you too can get away with murder. Hmm again I am not a lawyer. Is "murder" too strong of a word? I don't know.

Gee maybe I should send this morning's e-mail directly to Lanxess Canada, corporate successors to Uniroyal, and ask for their opinion on the matter.  Afterall our local authorities have been asking for their input and direction and expertise and delegating full cleanup control and authority to them for the last thirty plus years. Maybe Lanxess would like to investigate themselves (corporately speaking)  again and decide whether criminal charges are appropriate or not.


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