Tuesday, October 4, 2022


RAC - Remediation Advisory Committee xxxx TAG - Technical Advisory Group  TAG are by far the better of the two although even they are saddled with an undemocratic and frankly contemptible public consultation process and procedures. Oh and TAG "report" to both RAC and allegedly Woolwich Council which in fact is to Mayor Sandy Shantz. She unfortunately does not report to the public who elected her but to the expectations and demands of an assorted local and wealthy cabal more intent on running Woolwich Township their way then fully in the public interest. That said I am reluctant to express support for all the details mentioned in yesterday's anonymous Comment to my post. I believe the commenter is 100% correct regarding their environmental comments such as conflicts of interest, greedy global corporations, Agent Orange, The Stroh Farm etc.  Regarding Fabians, depopulating the earth etc. I am quite honestly ignorant and will leave readers to make up their own minds. 

The second comment via e-mail I have to be a little careful with. After all it has become more than a little obvious that Sandy and friends do not approve of either my (and CPAC's) participation and most certainly our informed and reasoned opinions on what needs to be done to actually clean up Uniroyal Chemical's disgusting pollution in our soils and waters (ground & surface waters). This actually appears to include orders to TAG members to ignore input from certain informed members of the public who Sandy has prohibited from proper public participation in the cleanup of our publicy owned soil and water assets. This behaviour is to her everlasting shame although the MECP and Lanxess certainly approve.



  1. I have also found that most all of those who seek power and "official" status AND "professional " status AND political "office" do NOT actually represent "the people" They pretend to represent the people but they biasly and purposefully pursue their own agenda (or their bosses/masters) . Whenever one of these corrupt so called leaders are faced with serious opposition, they most often will immediately resort to using labelling and misinformation and name-calling in a deliberate attempt to shut down any and all descent. These people really brutally scorn someone who is wiser and more knowledgeable than them who will not go along with their agenda. Ultimately the corrupt exercise freewill in public and in secret but they will refuse to allow any opposition to have any say at all. thus denying freewill to others. Poor leaders and weak leaders and officials use "consensus building" as a control theory to silence opposition and thus control the outcome under the complete facade of demonocracy and transparency. Fascists and dictators refuse to debate (unless the outcome was pre-determined) Not coincidentally many of these officials and authorities embrace collectivism and heavy handed governments with dominant FAKE socialist agenda'S. The general public are not naive anymore and hopefully they will not stand for it...they hopefully will simply all say "NO" when confronted by any of the above and when enough people do this the people will deserve what they get and so will corrupt leaders. We are going to reach a tipping point hopefully in the next 5-10 years where the majority of all stripes and parties will be wise enough to put aside their petty differences and unite their freewill to push back legally against all the bullshit and propaganda and corruption and power-grabbing and wealth-redistribution and divisiveness that is running rampant everywhere in the Township, the Region, the Province and in all of the country. Truth is they cannot deny us! when in fact we have the power to deny them! The Truth Will Prevail.

  2. In the old days very successful and highly respected business owners used to seek political office in their semi-retirement years as a way to get involved to pay back the citizens and the community for making them successful and often independently wealthy and none of them even drew a salary. Before September 17, 1917 there was no "income tax" in Canada. It sure would be nice to have even a few good leaders nowadays in power...but that is up to the people and thus far the leaders AND the people have failed to their own denigration and demise!