Saturday, October 8, 2022


 Generally people are very reluctant to use certain words. These include coverup, corruption, pretend cleanup etc. It is much too easy for the professional liars and their fellow travellors to cast dispersions along the lines of well that's just your opinion, you can't prove it. Well actually there is lots of evidence of coverups, corruption and pretend cleanups however by demanding an unreasonable level of proof one can deny almost anything. Good gosh there are holocaust deniers and there are even Americans denying that Joe Biden fairly won the U.S. Presidency. So when it comes to the environmental coverup in Elmira it's especially easy for the likes of Sandy Shantz to deny it. As far as she is concerned if a noble corporation like Lanxess say so it must be so. Furthermore if a Ministry of the Provincial government (MECP) says so as well, then it's as good as written in stone for her. Add in the rest of the fellow travelers such as RMOW, GRCA, consultants hired by Lanxess etc. and she will brook no dissent.

Her position and behaviour in support of Lanxess Canada will be judged harshly by history. Maybe even sooner. The School Board (WRDSB) is under attack. Hockey Canada is under attack. At some point Elmira/Uniroyal will enter the realm of Grassy Narrows (mercury) folklore and infamy when it comes to Delay, Delay, Delay. We have scandals within the Waterloo Region Police Service (WRPS). Our Canadian Armed Forces are under attack for their sexist and worse behaviour. People are beginning at long last to understand that our institutions are way beyond flawed. They are unaccountable and non-transparent. This includes our local, emerging environmental scandal. Memos and e-mails are being written and sent to people and places you would not expect regarding that. 

Some of the local co-opted citizens are gone. Others have passed on. Our local citizens are changing dramatically. Many of them are paying attention to the world that their children are growing up in. The local world that is, right here in Woolwich Township. 


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