Thursday, October 13, 2022


 At least it is for residents, citizens and the local media. Apparently not so much for the Lions Club in Elmira who neither initiated said question themselves nor allowed if past their screening of alleged questions from the floor. Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record had a story titled "Township residents mine politicians on gravel pits" written by Paige Desmond. 

Interestingly the Record e-mailed a question regarding support for a moratorium on new gravel pits to 40 registered municipal candidates. The vast majority responded in the affirmative with a few notable dissenters or non-responders namely Paul Bolger (Ward 3),  Eric Schwindt (Ward 2) and unsurprisingly to me Murray Martin (Ward 3) in Woolwich Township.   

One of the big issues is the incredibly stupid yet self-serving (to the industry) fact that absolutely zero market need for a new gravel pit is required. In other words it's all about a plethora of gravel pits spread out throughout Waterloo Region for the convenience of the industry at the expense of the health and welfare of both citizens and the environment. 

I have elaborated here many times on the drawbacks and damages done by the aggregate industry with essentially uncontrolled proliferation throughout the countryside.

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