Thursday, October 27, 2022


 Well if nothing else, wise Canadians are seeing exactly what our governments, municipal, regional, provincial and national are made of. It isn't pretty. All are made up of human beings generally no smarter, no wiser, no more experienced in good governance than you or I. Unfortunately however many are experts at obfuscation, deception and manipulation. They are wise in the ways of non transparency and non accountability. Undermining rivals declared or otherwise is a post grad level of accomplishment for them. Making alliances of convenience is all in a days work. Oh yes and then there is piety. You think that you've seen and heard pious religious leaders? Most can not hold a candle to professional politicians.

Today's Waterloo Region Record takes a serious round out of our municipal, provincial and federal leaders as well as our so called professional police officers. Their Editorial states that the ongoing Public Inquiry in Ottawa has offered a look at "...clashing egos, duelling priorities and internecine rivalries. We have been privy to police infighting and dysfunction...". Furthermore there have been "...repeated tales of intelligence and communications failures..." as well as behaviour by our authorities described as "disingenuous", "wilfully misleading" and worse. Much of it, but not all, is aimed at Doug Ford, premier of Ontario. 

Makes you want to question newcomers trying to enter political life. Either they are hopelessly naive, rotten to the core or maybe, just maybe worldly beyond their years yet still hopeful for the human race.   


  1. politics and the politicians are put in place and being run by the global corporate and elitists and corrupt mainstream media and other professions who are all employed (many in the sunshine club) in all the inner workings of all our corrupt bureaucracies. It is basically lining up to be ALL OF THEM vs. the real middle class and the middle class is being used and abused by both the upper class and the social deadbeats

  2. A large majority of the new potential politicians locally are biased from the beginning...In fact it is these bias's that motivates them to run in the first place. Usually, a quick background check using open sources will reveal the actual bias they come to the table with. These corrupt political hacks will bankrupt the middle class with their bullshit whatever it may be!