Friday, October 28, 2022


 Among other things today I have been reading one new report (i.e. critique) as well as refreshing my memory regarding a MECP report based on sediment and fish tissue residue sampling in late 2020. The report was a piece of self-serving crap which I did comment on here a few weeks ago. Now another party has entered the fray and have done their own research and come to some interesting conclusions. One of the interesting aspects of this report is the failure of any single or group of Biologists putting their name on the report. OH my God but if you read the report carefully and conscientiously, that is no wonder. What professional Biologist would ever want to sign their name to this piece of trash? Apparently none working for the MOE/MECP. 

This report sure speaks volumes for the conspiracy between Uniroyal/Lanxess and the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP).

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