Saturday, October 29, 2022


It turns out that the Ontario Ministry of Environment have yet again exceeded expectations with their latest piece of really trashy junk science. An unnamed university Biology prof has suggested that the September 1, 2022 report on sediment and fish monitoring in the Canagagigue Creek is at the level of a poor first year Biology undergrad. I have commented maybe a month ago on this report but the more I look at it the more it smells. Sort of like what you would expect environmental pigs to smell like if you will.  

The fact is that based on pure volume I would certainly credit CRA/GHD with the j/p science award otherwise known as the junk/psuedo science award. Over the decades I have seen good reports from the MOE/MECP regarding hydrogeology. This one stinks .  Interestingly to date no one individual or even group have signed their names to this stinker. Can't possibly imagine why not.   

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