Monday, November 28, 2016


The title doesn't specify but I'm looking at upcoming environmental dates dealing with Chemtura Canada here in this posting. There are other ongoing local environmental issues including the Jigs Hollow Pit also known as the Kuntz Pit.

A week from this Thursday on December 8th at 4 pm. will be a public meeting of RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee). It will as usual be held in the Woolwich Council Chambers. Yours truly has advised the appropriate folks that I will be a Delegate on behalf of CPAC in regards to the Ministry of Environment's multiple Canagagigue Creek studies. This has been agreed to in principle by CPAC (Citizens Public Advisory Committee) hence I simply need to get a rough Draft of my words to them ahead of time for final O.K..

The next two TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meetings will be held in Woolwich Council Chambers (6:30 pm.) on January 19/17 and then on February 16/17. Dr. Jackson unfortunately will have retired by then and we will presumably meet the new Chairperson. While I have major forebodings I will say that Dr. Jackson did express confidence in the new person at the TAG meeting earlier this month.

Lastly we have recently been advised that the "final" M.O.E.C.C. Canagagigue Report will be available sometime in February 2017. While it would both be nice and appropriate to receive it at least a week or more before the February 16/16 TAG meeting; I won't hold my breathe. This report will allegedly be looking at fish tissue residues, bio-accumulation and will focus on the more recent (2014 & 2015 ?) creek sediment data. Based upon the inconsistent and unscientific sampling done from 2012-2015 I fail to see how any conclusions or recommendations made by the Ontario Ministry of Environment will be much more than self-serving or Chemtura Canada serving.

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