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I reread my posts here of October 14 and 15 in order to compare my thoughts of the TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meeting immediately afterwards compared to the Draft Minutes released earlier this week. Generally they are very close and that pleases me. Nevertheless I feel it is worthwhile to directly quote some comments by TAG members here again albeit from the official Draft Minutes. Keep in mind that these Minutes as well as Agendas are on the Township of Woolwich's website under RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee).

Regarding the hypocritical "Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest" early in each meeting's Agenda, Lisa Schaefer the "Recorder" has indicated that allegedly the Municipal Act only requires pecuniary interest to be declared and not other conflicts of interest. Whether or not this is accurate it is still improper and inappropriate for two TAG members to be sitting on this committee allegedly representing citizens when they both have been beneficiaries, financial and otherwise, of Chemtura's and fellow travellers

I am some concerns with Dr. Jackson's and TAG's concerns regarding well OW-14. To my knowledge it is situated differently than the explanation in the Minutes would indicate. This is a typical example as to why the public should be routinely allowed to speak and ask questions in order to clarify possible errors for everyone's benefit.

Lisa has indicated that a member of the public (moi) stated that the ridge is 2.5 metres higher than the lowest area of the Stroh Drain. In fact the highest point of the ridge is 2.5 metres higher than the ground surface of the Stroh Drain. The water surface of the Drain is another metre lower and the bottom of the Drain may well be one or two more metres lower yet.

Overland flow of water would result in the trapping of pesticides and dioxins/furans (and much more) in the first fifteen centimetres of soil. Overland flow of waste water loaded with solvents is a different matter. The hydrophobic compounds would have penetrated the soil much deeper as indicated in recent discoveries of PCBs eight feet below ground.

TAG clearly indicated again that sediment transport sampling needs to be done. They also are stunned by the M.O.E.s dogmatic approach to ignoring exceedances of criteria both in the floodplain and in the creek sediments. The M.O.E. seems to be claiming that they need conclusive proof that there has been a negative effect on human health only. This is bizarre when one understands that the M.O.E.'s mandate is in regards to "adverse effects on the environment. This environment means water, air, soil, and all life form not just humans.

Now the quotes I mentioned earlier; "Further, at the last RAC meeting, the MOECC was clearly made aware of the TAG concerns regarding the lack of urgency they have with providing reports on a timely manner and taking any action."

This next quote is a humdinger: "TAG discussed the potential that the Township has exhausted all technical arguments and run into a wall of public policy and bureaucratic lethargy and as such, the only path forward is a media strategy or going to the Environmental Commissioner, which does not report to the MOECC but to Queen's Park.".

Further: "TAG also discussed whether a technical advisory committee was beneficial anymore to the Township as a technical case to the MOECC does not seem to move the need for action forward. Perhaps a group who focuses on public policy is what is needed going forward.".

Lastly: "TAG is concerned that the MOECC is stating that suspended sediment sampling does not help manage the problem. Federal law mandates that the Provinces monitor pesticide contamination and it is not at MOECC's discretion to decide whether or not to monitor suspended sediment.".

Readers: All of this bolsters the elephant in the room. That elephant is that the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change are fundamentally corrupt. Where do you think that corruption comes from other than from most senior provincial politicians. As our political parties are bought and paid for, they have their ministries doing their bidding all the while pretending to be working for the public interest.

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