Monday, November 7, 2016


There is and has been from the beginning bias in these studies of the Canagagigue Creek. Chemtura do not want to pay big money to clean up their mess either on-site or off-site. For me the on-site failure will eventually doom the off-site efforts. After all as has been shown consistently everything Uniroyal/Chemtura introduced into their natural environment has moved off-site either by air, groundwater or surface water. Chemical vapours can even travel through the soil. It just hasn't all degraded or travelled as the processes are generally slow.

These biases include sample locations and times of year. They include picking various criteria such as LEL, PEL and SEL or Lowest Effect Level, Probable Effect Level and Severe Effect Level. Finally they include dragging these studies out for many years. Time and money are all against the citizens and in favour of the polluter and their captured "regulator". They include hundreds of pages, eventually thousands of pages of data not only requiring study the first time but multiple times as the meetings and next studies incorporating the earlier ones are released. The entire dishonest process is designed to weed out the dedicated and honest citizens who are truly interested and willing to get involved and engaged.

The entire creek is contaminated with a litany of toxic, bio-accumulative chemicals. These chemicals are all poisonous to life as indeed the pesticides were designed to kill either weeds, insects, fungi or other "pests" etc.. The creek is suffering from at a minimum LEL toxicity it's entire five mile length. Many areas are at Probable Effect Levels and some are at Severe Effect Levels. The sampling has been grossly biased concentrating on sampling known highly contaminated areas closest to the Chemtura site. Floodplain samples further down the creek have been sporadic and inconsistent in their locations. Many pesticides detected allegedly do not have criteria or perhaps they are simply being witheld. While there have been likely fifty different toxic chemicals detected to date there are probably hundreds of others that we have not been told about. This most recent scam has been going on since 2012 and is scheduled to go well into 2017. All this time, taxpayers' money and effort is not to produce an honest picture of the creek; it is to confuse, complicate, demoralize and finally minimize Chemtura's cleanup expenditures.

Hence the M.O.E. continue to do their job protecting powerful interests.

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