Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Thank God I'm retired. There are days when being an activist is a full time job. Currently today I am sending e-mails to the media regarding the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting this Thursday, communicating with the conflict Prosecutor out of London regarding Woolwich Councillor Scott Hahn's Election Act contraventions, writing this posting and also attending to family issues today.

Included in the above are trying to update myself on the recent plethora of released, long overdue Ministry of Environment reports and data regarding the Canagagigue Creek. Yesterday I attended a visitation for a recently deceased member of my wife's family. The number I was given and believe is approximately five hundred people showed up over the afternoon and evening to pay their respects. That is one advantage of being a good person while not participating in politics or environmental issues. Those subjects tend to polarize people combined with the media's somewhat fickle approach to citizen activists.

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