Tuesday, November 8, 2016


There are a total of 209 variations of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). None of them are good for aquatic life or consumers of aquatic life. Approximately a dozen are referred to as dioxin like in regards to their negative health effects upon life forms. Others which are not dioxin like actually have neurotoxic and immunotoxic effects much greater than Dioxins do. To date I have seen but four different PCBs sampled for in the creek.

Back in 2014 we were advised that fish in the Canagagigue Creek had through bio-accumulation; residues in their flesh that were high enough to warrant restrictions upon number of meals per month eaten by human beings. Of course it turned out that these human restrictions were based upon very careful exclusion of the most highly contaminated parts of the fish such as skin, fatty areas and the organs. All of these most highly contaminated parts of fish are consumed by larger fish and local wildlife. The parameters tested for were Dioxins/Furans, DDT, PCBs and mercury. Many other bio-accumulative chemicals present in the creek were not tested for. These include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) plus numerous pesticides manufactured at Uniroyal and unsafely disposed of. These pesticides include the original "dirty dozen" as well as many others added to the list later on. The majority of the "dirty dozen" plus additions are present in the creek sediments and soils (bank & floodplain).

The focus has been on Dioxins and DDT for a long time. All of these other persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic substances must also be included in any ecological assessment. Just because a particular chemical on its' own is below a Lowest Effect level (LEL) in sediments does not mean that it should be excluded from fish tissue testing or even higher up the food chain testing. If it is bio-accumulative and it's present in the creek it will be found in higher food chain life forms. How arrogant are we as a species that we (M.O.E.) apparently are willing to sacrifice other species while pretending that human beings are not negatively affected and therefore everything is O.K.. It is not O.K..

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