Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The Agenda for this Thursday's 6:30 pm TAG meeting is on the Woolwich Township website under Committees of Council. Just click on RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) and follow the prompts. Item 3.2 is the East Side Work Plan Discussion and this will include a document provided by Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach. Item 3.3 is about the Canagagigue Creek and Floodplain Review and it will include a couple of October 31/16 letters from the Ministry of Environment as well as a document from Susan Bryant.

Most disgustingly we will again likely see how the CIAC (Chemical Industry Assocn. of Canada) enables polluters and other irresponsible chemical companies to obtain Verifcation under the *Responsible Care plan. The CIAC pay for Pat Mcleans sojourns around North America, all expenses paid. Pat while wholly and totally unqualified other than local political connections as well as corporate connections (Chemtura) was the local vote last time around which tipped the balance in Chemtura's favour. No surprise there at all. Scratch my back etc..

This will be Dr. Jackson's last TAG meeting due to his retirement on December 31/16. He will have one more RAC meeting to attend on December 8/16. He will be missed as he called a spade a spade and would not tolerate the heavy duty bullshit spewed forth by the Ontario M.O.E.. He particularily let Terri Buhlman of the M.O.E. know what he thought of her excuses, her stickhandling and her evasion of the facts.

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