Friday, November 18, 2016


Well first of all CKCO-TV Kitchener came out to the Technical Advisory Group meeting and filmed it. At the end of the meeting they interviewed both Dr. Dick Jackson and myself (separately). Parts of the meeting and Dr. Jackson's interview was on the late news afterwards. I'm guessing that it will also be on TV at noon today.

TAG members stepped up last evening and sent a strong message to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment on a few different issues. Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach presented a letter to the M.O.E. recommending test pits be dug the length of the Gap, currently unsampled, along Chemtura's south-east corner. This is in reference to the Chemtura East Side Work Plan. He also wants monitoring wells installed there. TAG passed the Motion unanimously to send this along to RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee). Susan Bryant provided a document concerning the Canagagigue Creek and Floodplain Review. She pointed out several weaknesses and or inaccuracies in the report. Her Report via a Motion was unanimously agreed to be sent on to RAC as well.

TAG were not happy with a Notice to Residents sent to downstream landowners along the Canagagigue Creek. This item took up the majority of the time last evening and was appropriately featured on CKCO-TV. The M.O.E. claimed that "The levels of contaminants in most areas of the creek have decreased substantially since we first began monitoring the creek in the 1990s." They followed this with "The highest levels of contamination are buried under layers of sediment in the creek bed.". While the words lie or liars were not used certainly statements that the M.O.E.'s words were misleading and inaccurate were heard during the meeting and on television last evening. Dr. Jackson advised that the M.O.E.'s Notice to residents was "inappropriate and misleading".

TAG passed a Motion that they would first approach the M.O.E. to rectify and change their Notice to Residents and if they refused TAG would approach the Township and or the Region to write up their own Notice to residents to give them a more accurate version of the facts and of the health dangers in the creek.

David Hofbauer gave a report indicating under the Environmental Protection Act "adverse effect" seems to be the determination of when the Ministry (M.O.E.) must act. This "adverse effect" refers to adverse environmental and ecological effects. Human health is NOT the sole factor by a very long shot.

Dr. Jackson indicated that he is pleased with his proposed replacement as TAG Chair after December 31/16. That gives me some hope that TAG will continue on the right path. Dr. Jackson also advised that there will be as planned two different TAG members attending RAC meetings at the start of the new year.

RAC meets next in a public meeting on December 8/16, 4 pm. in Woolwich Council Chambers.

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