Wednesday, November 9, 2016


9 am. courtroom #101 in Provincial Offences Court Kitchener either Mr. Hahn or his legal representative will be present to allegedly hear a decision by the Crown Prosecutor as to whether or not they are going to go ahead with Municipal Election Act charges (MEA). I say allegedly due to the example we received with the behaviour of the Crown regarding the Election Act charges against Sandy Shantz. Month after month the Crown asked for and received Adjournements while they studied the file. Finally the Crown advised that in order not to give the impression of bias that an out of town prosecutor would be brought in. A Mr. Fraser Kelly was brought in from London and he took no time at all in giving me the impression of bias by his behaviour both in and out of court.

Here we go again. At the last court appearance (Sept. 26/16) the very same local Prosecutor, Mr. Andres advised that a "regional" prosecutor would be appointed to take over the case. Well it now turns out that that does not mean regional as in Region of Waterloo. I was advised that it was actually regional as in simply a different Prosecutor however in the same office as Mr. Andres. Well even that was a bit of a misnomer. It turns out that in fact it is simply yet another out of town Prosecutor. Perhaps plain speaking is discouraged in the legal profession for fear that we simple citizens might actually begin to understand what is going on.

The new Prosecutor's name in the Scott Hahn case is Michael Carnegie. He is from London, Ontario which might have been simply stated as an out of town Prosecutor in the first place. I had sent Mr. Andres an e-mail on October 5/16 requesting the new prosecutor's name and contact information. Mr. Andres replied with that information on November 2, one week ago today. That response by comparison for Mr. Andres was very good. I contacted Mr. Carnegie by e-mail the next day, November 3/16. I have had no contact from him whatsoever. There have been no questions, requests for information or clarification. Absolutely nothing.

I have advised Mr. Carnegie in writing of the same thing that I advised Mr. Andres weeks ago. My first choice is for an experienced, professional Prosecutor to proceed with MEA charges and to prosecute the case. Failing the Crown doing so I am prepared to prosecute the case myself rather than have it drop into oblivion similar to Sandy Shantz's case. A $12,000 Forensic Audit indicates that Mr. Hahn has violated the MEA multiple times. It should be a Judge's determination as to whether a simple "my bad" from Mr. Hahn is adequate under all the circumstances.

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