Wednesday, November 30, 2016


At the request of the conflict of interest prosecutor, also known (to me at least) as the out of town prosecutor, I have been interviewing likely prosecution witnesses for a trial if it happens regarding the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) charges laid against Woolwich Councillor Scott Hahn. While I am certainly in the dark as to what is and what isn't appropriate to discuss publicly prior to Mr. Carnegie making his decision to go ahead with the charges or not; I have to use common sense and hope that is adequate. Therefore I will not be discussing here specific testimony that these witnesses have indicated to me that they are prepared to state under oath in a courtroom. Similarily while naming the potential Crown witnesses is probably not a good idea; I think all parties involved in the MECAC hearings have a pretty good idea who at least some of them will be.

Obviously the purpose of these interviews is to be able to send this testimony to Mr. Carnegie ahead of time for him to determine its' strength and relevance to the charges. Hopefully he will after learning of their proposed testimony then interview these witnesses himself, whether in person or by phone. I already have an in-person interview scheduled with Mr. Carnegie to discuss all things relevant to these MEA charges against Mr. Hahn. As Mr. Carnegie has advised that there will be no more Adjournments after the January 25/17 court date, obviously he will have his decision made prior to that regarding advancing or not. I have been advised that there are but two criteria namely 1) Can a conviction against the accused be achieved? and 2) Is it in the public interest to proceed on these charges? The first is a slam dunk thanks to the $12,000 Forensic Audit. The second I and several witnesses also believe is obvious. The charges and circumstances are both serious and repetitive. If the Ontario legislature did not feel that the multiple Sections of the MEA that Mr. Hahn has contravened were not in the public interest than they would not have written and enacted the legislation in the first place.

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