Monday, May 7, 2012


Two very local environmental issues are being adressed tomorrow. The appeal of the BIO-EN M.O.E. Decision starts at 10 am. at Rim Park (Banquet Hall) and the CPAC Resolution will be discussed and voted on at 7 pm. by Woolwich Council in the Council Chambers.

Last Tuesday when CPAC Chair Dan Holt presented the CPAC Resolution to Committee of the Whole he specifically endorsed CPAC's belief that there was a sweetheart deal. He did this without using those words but he did quote from the October 7/91 document by stating: "1) In the settlement Agreement of October 7, 1991 the two parties, Uniroyal/Chemtura and the Ministry of Environment, who were involved in the legal actions each indemnified the other against all "...actions, causes of actions, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever of which both Uniroyal and the Province are currently aware...". Further Dan stated "We, CPAC, feel strongly that this has produced a situation where there is no real oversight regarding the cleanup of contamination of Elmira's drinking water. Neither one of the two parties involved in this agreement holds the other responsible and therefore, there is no real authority to enforce the Control Order(s) governing this cleanup process.". Not surprisingly recently three of the parties to the then ongoing Environmental Appeal Board hearing have all denied any "sweetheart deal" occurred. As they all kept the public, media and UPAC in the dark and the Indemnity/sweetheart deal private then, their denials now aren't too surprising.

At the moment there are six names listed as Delegations for tomorrow evening to speak to Council about the CPAC Resolution. They are Dwight Este and Josef Olejarz of Chemtura, Ron Campbell, David Marks and Dan Holt of CPAC and finally yours truly. It should be very interesting especially as Chemtura were given a Draft of this Resolution prior to the April public CPAC meeting and thus have had considerable time to form their position. These Delegations/discussions should assist those citizens and Councillors who have been unable to attend CPAC meetings over the years.

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