Friday, May 4, 2012


The power of momemtum and the media's assistance therof can be stunning. I will be focusing on two more print mediums today although the sweetheart deal and CPAC's Resolution are also on-line here as well as at the Cambridge Advocate and at the Stop The Stink website.

The Township of Woolwich issued a media Release on Wednesday titled "Council Approves Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) Resolution". The K-W Record, Elmira Independent and Woolwich Observer were already committed to publishing articles about CPAC's Resolution. The title of the Independent front page story is "CPAC seeks review of Chemtura cleanup". There are then two more stories on this subject on pages two and three. Finally the Independent on page four has this Editorial "More funding needed for MOE". Keep clearly in mind that it has been the Elmira Independent through thick and thin who have always covered public CPAC meetings when the rest of the media were AWOL. The Woolwich Observer have weighed in with their story titled "Township backs CPAC call for more action on cleanup"on page three.

Both local papers have picked up the essential elements of CPAC's Resolution. The 2028 dealine for cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers won't happen with the current pump and treat technology. Yours truly publicly has been saying exactly this for the last five years. That and other pronouncements from myself regarding DNAPLS and the sham Elmira cleanup, which I stated publicly, earned me no friends including amongst some of the citizen reps on the old CPAC. Further both papers refer to the Indemnity/Double Indemnity which I call the sweetheart deal. This is the October 7, 1991 private Settlement Agreement between Uniroyal and the M.O.E.. Parties to the Environmental Appeal Board hearing (1991) were given copies but UPAC/CPAC as well as the public and media were not. Finally both newspapers appropriately focus on the necessity of source removal of toxic wastes. Leaving them in the subsurface has been selfserving from Chemtura's financial standpoint and shameful behaviour by the government body supposedly looking out for the environment and citizens. Yes I am referring to our Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.).

The firestorm is merely starting. Vested interests including some surprising ones will come out of the woodwork. It's already started and will be further seen this Tuesday evening in Council Chambers at 7 pm.. Woolwich and Elmira citizens if you want to see professional spin doctoring and environmental gobblygook come out for the show. See you there.

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