Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Could the timing be any better? The above title is the same as in today's Waterloo Region Record Editorials Section. As tonite is when Woolwich Council gets to put the finishing touch and vote on the CPAC Resolution before them, the timing of the Record's Editorial is equisite.

The public advisory body have flatly stated that the cleanup is inadequate and is not working. The government's and Chemtura's response to date has been yes it is, trust us. As the Record says that response is inadequate. One engineer (Dr. Gail Krantzberg), one hydrogeologist (David Marks) and one other environmental expert (Ron Campbell) have all cast major doubt on the past and current cleanup plan. Oh and by the way so have I. I have done so publicly, loudly and in writing with specicivity and detail. One media outlet (Elmira Independent) has faithfully recorded and published this over the years. Unfortunately the old Woolwich Council and CPAC were the impediments to change.

Of interest the Record have now categorized Uniroyal/Chemtura as the "primary polluter". This is a step in the right direction as we now know that there are multiple polluters of the drinking water aquifers in Elmira. The Record also correctly state that the municipal Council have broken ranks with the Ministry of the Environment and Chemtura. Our Council want a new and improved deal that actually restores Elmira's drinking water, rather than just going through the motions.

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