Thursday, May 17, 2012


Both these Elmira/Woolwich issues are still alive and kicking. After a twenty month wait Chemtura appear to be finally honouring their promise to hold a public meeting concerning their releae of BLE-25 to the community on September 27, 2010. A lot of the issues are now moot as both the cleanup and court case are concluded but Chemtura clearly want and need to polish their image within the community. The public meeting is scheduled for June 19/12 at Lions Hall in Elmira. My expectation is that this will be a tightly scripted, typical dog and pony show put on by Chemtura. Their new public relations consultants, Sussex Group, will run things professionally and focus on Chemtura being presented as your thoughtful, caring neighbours, ever ready to help when needed.

The BFCC are down but not out. Yes they've been handed more than a few kicks in the teeth but Woolwich residents are nothing if not resilient. The Green Energy Act, the Ministry of the Environment, Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government, the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environmental Review Tribunal etc. all have been mostly very unhelpful. Despite this, discussions continue on a number of fronts involving fund raising events, public meetings, press conferences and even proposed mediation. I had thought that mediation wasn't going to happen after two major issues were taken off the table but I've been corrected. There are still numerous operating issues which could make a major difference to living with this plant being located in a ridiculous location. It is smart to be looking at all outcomes both good and bad and planning in advance, even for the worst case scenario, is worthwhile. Bio-En is not here yet and I salute those residents who are in it for the long haul.

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  1. "I salute those residents who are in it for the long haul" A great statement. We do too Al. If only Woolwich Township would dedicate the appropriate resources to help (e.g. a lawyer to seek standing at the EBR) then we would all be better served. What is really a disappointment is the lack of tangible action by Mayor Todd Cowan. He made typical election promises on this matter that he has not made a real effort to deliver on. The science suggest that BioEn will stink to high heaven. The MOE's track record on odour in Elmira has been abysmal (as the posts here in the Advocate have documented) and they can not be trusted to deal with odour control from this waste digestion plant.