Wednesday, May 30, 2012


O.K. we'll do the bitching first and the announcements second. What in the name of all that is holy is wrong with Woolwich township's website? I know that the Township have been repeatedly asked by citizens, the general public and CPAC members to get their on-line CPAC information up to date. I know way back on February 10/12 here in the advocate I gave them heck for having a link to Chemtura right in the middle of their CPAC information as well as being months behind in posting Agendas and Minutes of meetings. Well yes they have shifted Chemtura down to the bottom which is only slightly better. Their Agendas & Minutes are both late and missing. Come on guys you've totally missed one of the June 2011 meetings as well as April 2012. You have a total of five Agendas and only four of the Minutes of CPAC on the Township website. There have been seven public CPAC meetings to date with the eighth tomorrow evening.

Announcements- O.K. as already mentioned above the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee meeting is tomorrow evening at 6 pm. in the Council Chambers. Come on out and watch teamwork at its' best. Chemtura and the M.O.E. are experts at massaging the truth and proposing alternative realities.

This is a tad embarassing and my apologies to the good folks (citizens that is) involved with the Jigs Hollow Pit. On my calendar is marked "Teleconference" for this Friday, followed by "Hearing commences" for next Tuesday June 5/12. I THINK this is in reference to their issue and in future will be more careful to mark specifics on my calendar.

The BFCC (BioFuel Citizens Committee) start Mediation on June 13/12 in the Township offices. I think that this will probably be private as mediation is usually "without prejudice" ie. statements and information can't be divulged publicly and used against them. Also on Monday June 11/12 there will be an Information centre set up by the BFCC in Bolender park at 7:30 pm.. This is an excellent way to get your message and information out to the public.

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