Thursday, May 31, 2012


O.K. as per the title above, this is one more kick at helping public attendance at CPAC meetings. Lately we have had slightly increased attendance but it still can only fairly be described as sparse. It is tonite at 6 pm. in the Woolwich Council Chambers. No there won't be either free beer or dancing girls. There will be however dancing bears (a metaphor) as well as a glimpse into why our environment is on the rocks. You will see dedicated volunteers going up against politcs and money. You will see bullies and fibbers in suits defending the indefensible. A few days back I saw on television for the second time the movie "Thank You For Smoking". It like tonight is a celebration of freedom of choice to do the very stupid, because some people become rich in your so doing.

Yesterday we received in the mail a Notice from Woolwich Township. This Notice is a "Proposed Official Plan Amendment". In years past based on ignorance I would have barely glanced at this and then thrown it out. Older and wiser now I guess. I have learned that many local environmental issues start off as planning issues. Pardon the pun but it's called paving the way. This particular Notice however deals with "Rationalizing" the Settlement Boundaries. This Settlement of course is the Elmira Settlement Area. I've looked it over reasonably carefully and I think I understand, sort of, what's going on. I'm less clear as to the reasons why. Nevertheless there are two interesting items I'd like to point out. Firstly there will be a Public Meeting on Tuesday June 12/12 7 pm. in the Woolwich Council Chambers. I guess if Boundary changes may effect you whether as a Developer or as a property owner you might wish to attend. There are both removals and additions proposed to the Elmira Settlement Area. Secondly what caught my eye in the four proposed options is the BY-PASS on the east side of Elmira. Well! I don't know how long or how recently this proposed route and BY-PASS has been on the books but it certainly is relevant to everyone and most especially those impacted by the proposed BIO-EN plant just off of Arthur St.. For that item alone I may well attend the public meeting.


  1. I have been thinking, whether a survey of Elmira residents on CPAC and environmental issues would improve interest?

    Do people know about CPAC and do they care? Are residents aware of emergency siren tests? Etc.

  2. Good questions/comments. I know the Waterloo Region Record (May 10/12) reported on a test of the emergency siren here in Elmira and the results were somewhat discouraging in that folks didn't really know what was going on. I believe that their will be increased public education forthcoming.

  3. Further to your comment Corey it is a little discouraging when one of our local papers does not want to attend once a month public CPAC meetings. The Independent attend and report on them but the Observer only report when a CPAC issue appears at Council meetings. I know a big reason that CPAC now hold evening meetings is to make it easier for people to attend.