Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As mentioned three days ago (Sat.) there is a Committee of the Whole meeting this evening starting at 6 pm. Yours truly will be speaking to at least two of the items on the Agenda, namely the new Terms of Reference for CPAC as well as the Annual Drinking Water Reports for Woolwich Township.

The overall direction is one to be expected as Council essentially is taking control of a committee of Council through the Terms of Reference. This Committee has had very little direction or oversight from Council in the past and in my opinion far too much autonomy. The Staff Report being presented makes it clear that the dog should be wagging the tail, not the reverse. Council, it is emphasized in this Staff Report, has the absolute right to appoint membership to their own committees and to amend the Terms of Reference similarily. Also it is suggested that there be a major increase in transparency by holding all sub committee meetings of CPAC in Township facilities and open to the public. This was a huge criticism I had with the way CPAC were running their business and I see this provision as a major improvement.

As I read the Engineering Report concerning Woolwich Township drinking water it seems to me that Staff are merely presenting their conclusions for receipt by Council. With all due respect to both Engineering and Planning Staff involved with these reports, I believe that the Township need their own Hydrogeologist to interpret the Regional reports. It seems to be the case that the Township are completely dependent upon Regional staff in this matter. Township Staff do appropriately point out an issue with the water in West Montrose but there are other water issues in the Townships which also need attention.

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