Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday's K-W Record (Pg. A8) carried this story: "Nuclear hearing disrupted". There are several disturbing items in regards to this story. First off I am never impressed when Police respond to peaceful protests by handcuffing "suspects" hands, especially behind their backs. These protesters, men and women, are all wearing anti nuclear protest T-shirts, are unarmed and non violent. The purpose for their presence is abundantly clear and is not criminal. Secondly in light of the crisis in Japan who really can say that their concerns are overblown? Finally a joint letter to the panel co-manager from the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Attorney General makes it clear that they want control of questioning and preferably want softball questions only given to the assistant deputy energy minister when he is on the stand. This is ridiculous. This is supposed to be a public hearing not an exercise in public relations. There are four proposed new nuclear reactors for the Darlington site.

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